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 School-Wide Learning Expectations 


Individuals who follow Jesus’ example by  practicing personal and communal prayer,

social justice and by being stewards of 

God’s creation.


Individuals who strive to reach their full 

potential by always putting forth their best 

effort and aim to master grade level standards.


Individuals who appreciate the diversity of others and celebrates community and world citizenship


Individuals who communicate effectively, 

are critical thinkers and  shares their God given talents


Individuals who are self motivated, think independently and possess self esteem.



Faculty / Staff / Administration
Faculty & Staff

Students receive an outstanding academic education at St. Bernard School. SBS alumni have moved on to prominent high schools and graduated from some of the most prestigious colleges and universities.  However, our parish school offers more than just excellent academics. Teachers, by their example and by their integrated approach to learning and living the faith, help our students mature as responsible citizens in their community, but even more importantly, in their relationship with God.  This is a great support for parents who are serious about their children developing into devout and faithful Catholics. The public school system cannot do this, and our current secularized society does not support the values we believe in and teach our children.

 Pre-K Mrs. Veronica Ramos
 Pre-K Ms. Jessica Soto 
Mrs. Lorena Murguia
 Kindergarten/Pre-K Director
Ms. Jacqueline Reyes
 1st Grade/Religion Coordinator
Mrs. Varinia Lopez
 2nd Grade Mrs. Angela Fusillo
 3rd Grade Ms. Nicole Casillan 
 4th Grade Mr. Eric Bray
 5th Grade Mr. Kyle Kelly
Junior High - Home Room Six Ms. Carolina Valadez
Junior High - Home Room Seven      
Mrs. Micki Wood
Junior High - Home Room Eight

Mrs.  Maria Vitale-Hassel

Physical Education Ms. Jennifer Orellana
 Office Manager
Mrs. Anna Duran
 Custodian Ms. Dolores Mendoza

School Administration

The Pastor and Principal determine the policies of the school.  The Principal is the administrator and director of the educational program and has general supervision of the faculty and of the student body.

Pastor   Fr. Mike Ume
Principal  Mr. James Cordero


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