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 School-Wide Learning Expectations 


Individuals who follow Jesus’ example by  practicing personal and communal prayer,

social justice and by being stewards of 

God’s creation.


Individuals who strive to reach their full 

potential by always putting forth their best 

effort and aim to master grade level standards.


Individuals who appreciate the diversity of others and celebrates community and world citizenship


Individuals who communicate effectively, 

are critical thinkers and  shares their God given talents


Individuals who are self motivated, think independently and possess self esteem.




History of St. Bernards School


St. Bernard Catholic School opened on October 7, 1946, as a four-room school with a total enrollment of 178 students.  The Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange, with Sister Mary Edward Leveque as principal, staffed the school.  We continued to increase student enrollment even as new parishes were added and boundaries were revised.  To handle the increasing size of the student body, four new classrooms were added between 1950 and 1952.  Enrollment increased steadily until the 1955-56 school year, when it peaked at 426 students. Over the next ten-year period, the student population remained at an average of 410.

School enrollment began dropping during the construction period of the San Gabriel River Freeway (Interstate 605) and the Artesia Freeway (California Freeway 91).  As local dairies closed, families relocated to make room for the freeways. Between 1966 and 1967 the school population dropped dramatically from 414 to 345, a loss of 69 students. As a result, St. Bernard began accepting students from outside the parish boundaries, a policy which continues today. The present student body also includes a small number of non-Catholics.

In 1965, a decision was made to replace the original three school buildings because of their deteriorating condition. Adjacent property to the original site was purchased and a new two-story building was constructed. This building is still in use today.

As the curriculum was expanded, the pastor decided that additional classroom space was needed. A five-room complex was built in 1991.  It includes a Kindergarten classroom, Computer lab, Music room, Library and Science/Art room. The Science/Art room is also used for the afternoon daycare program.

In June 1986, the sisters of St. Joseph of Orange terminated their administration of the school. Lay principals have been in place since that time. A preschool was added to the school in 2007. The principal, as well as the faculty and staff, are dedicated to and have made significant progress in improving the vital relationship between the church and school community.


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