PreK Application 2017-18.pdf

Application for Admission 2018-2019.pdf


 School-Wide Learning Expectations 


Individuals who follow Jesus’ example by  practicing personal and communal prayer,

social justice and by being stewards of 

God’s creation.


Individuals who strive to reach their full 

potential by always putting forth their best 

effort and aim to master grade level standards.


Individuals who appreciate the diversity of others and celebrates community and world citizenship


Individuals who communicate effectively, 

are critical thinkers and  shares their God given talents


Individuals who are self motivated, think independently and possess self esteem.



Helpful Links

Multiplication Practice

This website has a variety of multiplication practice quizzes that you can do online.  The quizzes are timed and it tells you the number of problems you got correct.

Math Magician

Click on "Math Magician" and you will find a website that has timed practice on each multiplication fact.  It also tells you how many you get correct at the end.

Practice Timed Test.pdf

This is a document.  You can open it and print it out.  It is a multiplication practice sheet.

Practice!  Practice!  Practice!!


Click below to enter the Science Webquest:

Adaptations to Land and Water.pptx


 Show Your Monarch Pride